Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Technical Innovations Bring Production Boom
The Ryongsong Machine Complex processes facilities needed by industrial sectors in time.


The Ryongsong Machine Complex has made innovations in the production of custom-built equipment.

Its technical personnel are pushing the production of dozens of kinds of equipment to be supplied to major construction projects, industrial establishments, coal and other mines through the collective technical innovation drive.

The Songun Foundry overfulfils its daily production plan by concentrating on the supply of workpieces for thermal power generating facilities. It has developed a new casting device of high practical use to raise the actual completion rate of workpieces and improve their quality. It ensures the continuity of casting work and saves much raw and other materials and manpower by applying a mould of new material.

Machine workshop No. 1 normalizes the production of large toothed wheels conducive to increasing the ability of crushers at mines. The pressure angle of toothed wheels has rationally been altered to improve the durability and capacity of crushers.

The machine-tool workshop has made a large gear to be used in thermal power plants to unload fuels and entered into continuous production. It has introduced a rational processing method to save 20 percent of molten iron and reduce the processing time by one fifth and manpower by half as compared to the past.

The Songun compressor workshop has developed a tester to evaluate the quality and durability of major parts of heating equipment. According to the results of its introduction, the tester has been confirmed to be effective in shortening the period of manufacture, removing additional modification and reducing manpower and time in assembly. It has also established a grinding process for major parts of compressors to raise the precision of processing and increase their mechanical life.

A sci-tech achievement show held at the complex last February presented lots of new technologies which contribute to reenergizing production and upgrading equipment. Among them, over 60 technical innovation plans are practical ones which will prove effective in production.

The complex overfulfilled the first quarterly economic plan by 3.7 percent. It is working hard to increase productivity and build up its own technical force.

By Choe Kwang Jin PT

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