Wednesday, April 25, 2018

US Must Be Sit in Human Rights Dock
The US State Department published a "country report on human rights for 2017" on April 20.

The US takes issue with human rights performance in other countries by publishing the country report every year as if it were a "human rights judge".

This time it arbitrarily judged human rights performance in 199 countries, viciously slandering the DPRK over its "human rights issue".

By nature, the US is the worst human rights abuser with neither justifications nor face to talk about human rights of other countries.

As for gun-related crimes alone, a man-killing crime which is cancer-like in this country has been committed one after another in various regions, including California, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee and Florida.

No wonder, former US president Obama during his office admitted that he came to realize as president that progress is hard and there are some points disappointing in the society.

For the US to take issue with "human rights" issue in other countries and make profound confusing of the right and the wrong while shelving the hideous human rights performance in its own country, where all sorts of injustice, deprivation of rights and social evils stalk, is a wanton distortion of genuine human rights and an intolerable challenge to international justice and conscience.

In a bid to give impression that it is interested in "defending human rights", the US is finding fault with human rights performances in other countries with its misguided human rights stick as a yardstick, and becoming vocal that democracy is violated and freedom is suppressed. But its true aim is to disintegrate those countries which are disobedient to it and to create a pretext for political, military and economic aggression and pressure.

The US is faulting the DPRK, the most advantageous, dignified and cradle of genuine life of working people in the world, with ungrounded data. It is a revelation of its sinister intention to check the advance of the DPRK and bring down its social system.

The US is in the human rights dock as it is the hotbed and kingpin of human right abuses.

However, it is talking about "human rights issue" of other countries under the helmet of "human rights judge". This is quite ridiculous and reminds one of a thief crying stop the thief.

The US had better mind its own hideous human rights issue, before poking its nose into others' affairs while styling itself as an "international human rights judge".


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