Sunday, April 29, 2018

US Should Respond to DPRK's Measures With Sincerity
The US is vociferating about "sanctions and pressure" while expressing distrust in the great victory of the line on simultaneously developing the economic construction and the building of the nuclear forces, declared at the historic April 2018 Plenary Meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, and the follow-up measures.

Saying that no one knows when and how north Korea will put into practice the promises it made at the plenary meeting, hose concerned of the White House and official figures of the US administration, including the treasury secretary and the defense secretary, called for keeping sanctions and pressure on the DPRK until concrete measures are taken, along with the opinion that the US will never take a "naive attitude".

As already known, the April plenary meeting solemnly declared that the DPRK would make proactive efforts to contribute to building a world free from nuclear weapons in conformity with the desire and aspiration common to mankind at the present stage when the DPRK has definitely risen to the position of the world-class politico-ideological and military power.

The declaration of the great victory of the WPK’s line on simultaneous development of the two fronts is evoking active support, welcome and great repercussion from all Koreans and the whole world as it opened up a bright prospect for peace in the Korean peninsula, the region and the rest of the world.

The world now comments that the DPRK is making a great change in the historic development strategy and laid a foundation for the Korean peninsula to get rid of the Cold War system that has persisted for more than seven decades.

However, some dishonest forces of the US keep making such wild remarks as "sanctions and pressure" while reacting to the DPRK's strategic decision like a persecution maniac. This is nothing but a silly talk of those who are still mired in the anachronistic hostile policy toward the DPRK.

Americans have to ponder over the destiny and prospect of their country, clearly understanding the deep meaning enshrined in the crucial measure of the DPRK, rather than going rude.

To build a peaceful world free from a war is the goal of the WPK and it is the consistent stand of the WPK and the DPRK government to struggle for regional and global peace and security.

The April plenary meeting more evidently clarified the stand and will of the DPRK to open up a new phase for peace in the Korean peninsula and, furthermore, in Northeast Asia. This also conforms to not only the interests of the Korean nation and the regional people but also the common expectation of the international community.

It is the voice of the world public opinion that as the DPRK took an epoch-making measure, this should naturally be responded with sincerity for the development of situation, not missing the opportunity.

To keep brandishing the rotten "sanctions" stick, not understanding the trend of the times, will only provoke the laughter of the world.

What is needed for the US is to learn how to observe good manners and how to respect the party concerned, not resorting to highhanded practices and arrogance.


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