Wednesday, April 25, 2018

We Will Demonstrate Fighting Spirit and Traits of Paektu Youth to the World
Bearing in mind the intention of the Party that put forward our young people in the vanguard of the ranks of the general onward march as masters of the times, we will stoke the flames of a continuous offensive, continuous advance and continuous innovations more fiercely at all the sites of renovating Samjiyon County.

We will boldly introduce new techniques and building methods and dynamically conduct the socialist emulation drive and other mass movements so as to finish the projects at each stage without fail according to the schedule.

We are firmly resolved to demonstrate to the world the fighting spirit and traits of the young people of Paektu who follow our Party in the struggle of implementing its new strategic line.

Kim Kang Chol, regimental commander of Paektusan
Hero Youth Brigade of 216 Division

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