Sunday, June 23, 2019

Attempted Coup in Amhara Region of Ethiopia
Social media sources report that the coup d’etat left president of Amhara region wounded. Federal government forces are in control of Baihir Dar

June 22, 2019

Head of Press Secretary in the office of the Prime Minister, and also one of the executive committee of Amhara Democratic Party (ADP), confirmed on Saturday to state broadcaster, EBC, that an organized coup d’etat happened in Bahir Dar to remove Amhara regional state officials from power.

Nigussu confirmed that the attempt has failed and the situation in Bahir Dar is under control. He added that it was an attempt to paralyze the regional state, which is recognized as one of the strongest regional states.

The Federal government deployed forces to Bahir Dar and is in control of the situation. Federal Security apparatus are given direction to be in charge of the security situation in Bahir Dar, according to Nigussu.

Nigussu did not give information regarding the identities of the groups who coordinated the coup attempt but he called on residents to be alert, defend the regional state.

Social Media sources with information network in the region, like Muluken Tesfaw, report that Ambachew Mekonen, president of the region, is among wounded officials and his situation is life-threatening. The party elected Ambachew as the region’s president in March 2019 to replace Gedu Andargachew.

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