Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Effective Courses by Means of Image Transmission System
The Korea University of Physical Education is organizing courses and lectures for sports colleges across the country and the central sports school by means of image transmission system based on the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP).

Divided into several events including wrestling, judo, boxing, weightlifting and artistic gymnastics, the courses are given twice a month for the teachers of specialized subjects of each college and coaches and players from its sports club. A question-and-answer session is given after the courses.

“I learn a lot through the courses. I get to solve problems arising in giving lectures and trainings through online courses and videos, and this is a great help for me in improving teaching contents and methods and working out training programs. In particular, the opinions of teachers from other colleges are very instrumental in improving my work,” said Cha Kyong Hui, lecturer at artistic gymnastics department of the central sports school in Nampho Municipality.

Kim Jae Hwi, head of online education faculty of Korea University of Physical Education, said that they would organize various meetings for swapping experience and academic seminars between departments by making effective use of the system.

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