Sunday, June 23, 2019

SACP Moses Mabhida Province Provincial Working Committee Statement
4 June 2019, Durban

The Provincial Working Committee of South African Communist Party in Moses Mabhida Province (KZN) met on Thursday, 30 May 2019. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss latest developments in the province, including deployments and inauguration of new government leadership. The meeting was followed by a two-day Party Building Commission, held on 1- 2 June 2019.

The Provincial Working Committee welcomed the Alliance inclusive deployment process at the national level. We applaud the initiative. It will certainly contribute towards ensuring that policy direction and deployments reflect the spirit of a truly governing Alliance rather than the relegation of the Alliance to mere ANC election campaign machinery. In KZN Province a different scenario altogether prevailed, however. Consultation was minimal. As a result there was a lack of meaningful engagements and Alliance collective leadership to the process.

The SACP in the province deeply concerned about a developing conduct mainly from within the ANC where deployments are done to satisfy the expectations of factions rather than the need to serve the people selflessly and wholeheartedly. The conduct has previously created frequent reshuffling and disruption of consistency in governance. Where factions are more prevalent the Alliance and service delivery to the people become the victims of the circumstance.

The SACP spent quality time discussing the state of the youth in the country with a focus on the province. The Party felt that not enough attention or erratic strategies are applied in addressing the plight of the youth. Party structures have the responsibility to dedicate quality time to work with the youth, including building a strong and active Young Communist League structures on the ground.

Similarly, the SACP will also increase its activities on working with the trade union movement, particularly with our ally, the Congress of South African Trade Unions. The growing vulnerability of the workers and growing unemployment rate are a cause for concern, as is the likelihood of the casualisation of workers through the public works and youth employment programmes in addition to the base problem of industrial actualisation.

The above show a growing crisis of capitalism. A shrinking or stagnant economy, increasing unemployment, crisis in state-owned enterprises, rampant corruption both in public and private sector, and high levels of poverty and class inequalities are both the conditions and effects of the crisis.

SACP districts reported various crises of governance and looting in municipalities. This is reflected by a rising number of municipalities under administration and a significant number of mayors who are facing serious allegations of fraud and corruption, financial malfeasances, and even murder charges. Public protests against the problems of services provision are a daily occurrence and are becoming a norm. What we are currently witnessing is a collapse of governance and rampant corruption is a consequence of the 2016 factional deployments. This is demonstrated by absent councillors, collapse or dysfunctional public participation structures like Ward Committees.

The SACP is calling for the establishment of a Provincial State Capture Commission and further and will further initiate a discussion with the new Premier in order to interrogate and deliberate on the State of the Province.

Issued by:
SACP Moses Mabhida Province

For general enquiries contact:

Msizi Nhlapho - Second Deputy Provincial Secretary
Mobile: +2760 788 6211

Nomcebo Msomi - Provincial Media Liaison
Mobile: +2776 969 5897

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