Thursday, June 27, 2019

Sudanese Professionals Hold Meetings with Regional Groups
Sudanese workers outsides workplace in Khartoum to show their participation in a 2-day general strike on 28 May 2019 (Photo Reuters)

June 25, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - The Sudanese Professional Association (SPA), which spearheads protests in Sudan, Tuesday held separate meetings with two regional political groups that were allied to the former regime to discuss the transitional period and explain its objectives.

The SPA held a meeting with the Beja Congress Party led by Musa Mohamed Ahmed former presidential assistant who signed a peace agreement to end the war in eastern Sudan in October 2006.

Also, they met for the first time with the Sudan Renaissance Alliance of al-Tijani al-Sisi who signed a peace agreement with the government in Doha to end the armed conflict in Darfur in July 2011.

The opposition professionals group said they expressed their openness to dealing with all political and societal components in order to achieve the goals of the revolution.

Further, they briefed the two groups on the SPA’s vision for what should be done during the transition and transitional institutions, as well as how to establish sustainable democracy and solve the imbalanced development problems between the periphery and the centre.

After a discussion on their respective programmes an plans for the country, the SPA, the Beja Congress and the Sudan Renaissance Alliance agreed to hold further meetings in the near future to continue political consultations.

The meetings took place as the SPA and other opposition groups agreed on the draft agreement made the Ethiopian mediator for the formation of the transitional government.

The military council rejected the proposal saying they want to review a previous agreement on the composition of the legislative assembly to ensure an inclusive representation of all the political forces, expect the former ruling party of the ousted president.

The SPA continues to organise daily protests every night in Khartoum streets despite the massive deployment of the Rapid Support Forces militiamen.

The Forces for Freedom and Change call for a big demonstration on 30 June to show their capacity to defy the military junta despite the brutal repression.


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