Thursday, October 31, 2019

Ethiopian People Will Not Continue to Be Ganged Up by “Neighborhood Gangsters”
October 29, 2019

Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice party leader, Berhanu Nega, says that transitional government is not timely issue as an agenda. “If transitional government is important, I think that time has passed now,” he said.

With regards to what unfolded in Ethiopia in the past few days, Dr. Berhanu says that the intent is to make things ungovernable to Dr. Abiy Ahmed so that his government will appear as if it is weak.

He also spoke furiously that government has to stop lawlessness, and he seem to believe that government has power to do so.

He used the word neighborhood gangsters and hooligans in reference to those who are closing roads and causing chaos. In light of the ongoing massacre by this group and in light of hate ideology that is effecting ruthless and barbaric behaviors , it remains a question if relegating the group to a mere “gangster and hooligan” is an accurate understanding of the level of political problem in Ethiopia.

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