Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Zimbabwe First Lady Denounces Sanctions
24 OCT, 2019 - 00:10
Zimbabwe Herald

Women of Zimbabwe, tomorrow is the day to express our displeasure and disapproval of sanctions that were imposed on us by the West.

These sanctions are hitting us hard as women and our children, both living and unborn.

Ndapota vanamai, ngatibudei nehuwandu hwedu mangwana, uyai tiratidzire kuipa kwakaita zvirango zvehupfumi zvatakatemerwa izvi. Kusainda kubasa kwababa, mhuri yafa. Kusainda kubasa kwaamai, mhuri yafa zvakare. Kwekushandira kwacho kwakasovhara more than 10 years ago. Inga tashingirira, asi zviri zviito zvevamwe vanoda kuona zvakadai. Mwari vedu pindirayi.

As women, we are not engaged in any meaningful activities because of poor wages or complete absence thereof. This has affected our working experiences, making the majority of us full-time housewives, performing mostly household chores.

Our children have nothing to do, putting to waste our investment in their education and literally killing their potential contribution to economic development.

Sanctions are a direct assault on us because those who imposed the embargo want to invade our country and take away our resources to enrich themselves. Ko, kuti vakumbire munezvakanaka kuti tinodawo chekuti nekuti isu hatina, zvakaipei.

Why using all these unorthodox means kuita zvechisimba, squeezing people’s lives because of their inheritance.

God gave us this black skin and placed us in Zimbabwe, so where is the problem now? We as Zimbabweans have never gone to any country, as small as we are, fighting other nations. Dai Mwari vatinzwawo kuchema kwedu semhuri yeZimbabwe.

The girl child is now getting married well below the age of consent due to poverty characterised by the absence of work, food, sanitary pads and all the things we need to achieve a decent life. This is because of sanctions which have worsened the country’s economic environment.

Unhu/ubuntu hwedu, our culture as women has gone.

Women are now giving birth in shacks, with untrained midwives, no equipment in hospitals, no medicines. Where are we heading? Imagine the torrid time you go through during pregnancy only to be comforted by mourners after you have lost the baby.

There is no meaningful development in communities. Not that Zimbabweans are lazy, but this is what has come to be because of sanctions. Globally, Zimbabweans are renowned for being industrious/hard workers and we have lost our children to countries with job opportunities at the expense of our own nation.

Every mother out there wants to see her children working for themselves and looking after us because we are now of age, but the opposite is true.

God bless Zimbabwe.

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