Friday, October 25, 2019

Massive Informal Settlements Reported in Addis Ababa, Radicalized Oromo Youth Disrupt Meeting in Koye Feche
The informal settlements reportedly happened in four selected sub-cities. Radicalized ethnic Oromo Nationalist youth,Qeerroo , reportedly attacked a meeting place in Koye Feche area.

Unverified photo of the radicalized youth group near the are where they attacked a meeting place. Photo : SM

October 20,2019

A massive informal settlements reported in selected areas of Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, over the past four days.

According to a report by Wazema Radio on Saturday, which cited sources from within Addis Ababa Administration, the illegal settlement happened in four sub-cities – namely Nifas Silk Lafto, Kolfe Keranio, Bole and Akaki.

“The illegal settlements in Nifas Silk and Kolfe Keranio was the worst,” said the source alluding to the extent of illegal settlement in those regions.

Youth groups who were engaged in the illegal settlements were transported to the region with Isuzu pick up trucks, and they have used handyman tools they brought with them to prepare wooden landmarks to mark the area they declare as their own.

The source said that it is unclear as to where these youth groups came from.

Addis Ababa City’s acting mayor held a meeting with leaders of sub-cities and relevant city authorities that deal with land issues, and it is established that the action of the youth groups is politically motivated, as reported by Wazema.

The source also cited members of the city administration to report that there are indications that those who are undertaking illegal settlements in Addis Ababa seem to have an organizing body outside of Addis Ababa and a coordinator in Addis Ababa. 

In a matter of three days, places identified for green space, private residences, leased lands, and cultivable lands have been taken by these youth groups for illegal settlements. However, the amount of land that is taken in these illegal settlements is not quantified.

Meanwhile, citizens report from Addis Ababa residents say that an organized Qeerroo, radical ethnic Oromo nationalists, who are believed to have support from the region’s government, invaded a town Hall meeting in Koye Feche in Akaki-Kaliti Addis Ababa sub-city.

According to the report, Amhara Democratic Party official were having the town hall meeting when the youth groups arrive in the area suddenly and began to throw rocks breaking windows.

The Federal Police was reportedly in the area but did not take measures immediately.

Their attack is believed to be politically motivated.  Although there are pictures circulating on social media showing as these groups launch the attack, state or affiliated-media have not reported about it.

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