Thursday, October 31, 2019

President Kim Il Sung's Visit to Krasnoyarsk Hydro-electric Plant Marked
Pyongyang, October 30 (KCNA) -- A monument to the revolutionary activities of President Kim Il Sung was erected at the Krasnoyarsk Hydro-electric Plant in Russia.

Engraved on the monument are letters in Korean and Russian reading "Comrade Kim Il Sung, President of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, visited the Krasnoyarsk Hydro-electric Plant on May 20, 1984."

An unveiling ceremony of the monument took place on the spot on October 25.

Present there were figures of various circles and masses in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the charge d'affaires a. i. and staff members of the DPRK embassy in Moscow.

The participants laid floral baskets and bouquets before the monument.

The director for Foreign Relations of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Administration said:

President Kim Il Sung enjoyed a bird's-eye view of the Krasnoyarsk Hydro-electric Plant at this place 35 years ago.

The unveiling ceremony of the monument is of greater significance as it is held this year marking the 70th anniversary of the conclusion of the Russia-DPRK Agreement on Economic and Cultural Cooperation.

I am convinced that today's event will positively promote the development of the friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries which were put on a new high level since the Russia-DPRK summit held in Vladivostok in April.

The chairman of a board of directors of foundation for veterans' pension in Krasnoyarsk noted that the personality of President Kim Il Sung as a great man can be found well through the fact that the people of the territory warmly welcomed the President who visited the plant.

The mayor of Divnogorsk in the Krasnoyarsk Territory stressed that the unveiling of the monument would make the Russian people recollect the history of friendship with the Korean people forever.

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