Sunday, July 26, 2020

Responsibility and Discipline, Essential in Times of COVID-19
During yesterday’s meeting of the COVID-19 prevention and control task force, a new outbreak in the province of Artemisa was analyzed

Yaima Puig Meneses |
July 23, 2020 10:07:39

Photo: Estudios Revolución

Thirteen new COVID-19 cases were confirmed this Wednesday in the Artemisia municipality of Bauta, an event which raises the incidence rate to 2.52 per 100,000 inhabitants, over the last 15 days, in the province.

Analysis of this situation was the first point on the agenda for the prevention and control task force meeting yesterday, July 22, led daily by President Miguel Díaz-Canel and Prime Minister Manuel Marrero.

Minister of Public Health José Angel Portal reported the decision to establish a local transmission event in the municipality, implying the implementation of rigorous preventative measures.

The zone now in quarantine - he explained - is one of the most central in the city of Bauta, and includes the commercial downtown, covering 237 blocks with a total of 28,559 inhabitants.

He added that in other municipalities where contacts of the 13 diagnosed patients have been detected, strict surveillance has been initiated to prevent further incidents of contagion.

Associated with this situation, Prime Minister Marrero insisted on strict adherence to quarantine measures that guarantee control of the situation in the province, and maintain national stability.

"No one enters and no one leaves," he said. Maintaining isolation and avoiding activities that involve large groups of people is essential at this time, he added, likewise emphasizing the importance of keeping the population well informed.

Given Bauta's proximity to the capital, strict control measures were also adopted this province to prevent possible contagion, especially critical as Havana is moving closer to meeting benchmarks established to transition to the second phase of the recovery period.

As we move toward a new normality, Cuba faces many challenges, and meeting them successfully depends on the responsibility and discipline of all.

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