Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Unconfirmed : Eritrean Government to Station Army, Navy in Sudan
Eritrean Chief of staff and Defense Minister, General Filipos Weldeyohanes. Photo : from Tesfa News Net twitter page

July 20, 2020

Social Media based Eritrean news source, Eritrean Press, said on Monday that an agreement is on the work between Sudan and Eritrea to station several contingents of the Eritrean army and navy in Sudan.

It was said following Eritrean Defense Chief of Staff, General Filipos W Yohannes, visit to Sudan.

According to the source, the Eritrean army will be based in Kassala which is 20 kilometers from the Eritrea-Sudan border, and the Navy will be in port Sudan.

Also, the source said that a portion of the Sudanese navy will move to Assab Port.

It is unclear why the new military arrangement is needed.  Neither Eritrean nor Sudanese government sources  confirm the news.

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