Monday, July 27, 2020

Sudan Arrests Former Speaker of Parliament
July 26, 2020 (KHARTOUM) - A Sudanese police force on Sunday arrested a prominent Islamist and former Speaker of Parliament, Ibrahim Ahmed Omar.

Sudan's National Assembly speaker Ibrahim Ahmed Omer (Photo SUNA)Security sources in Khartoum said that he had been arrested as a result of his participation in a demonstration organized by Islamist groups, on Friday to protest against legal amendments recently made by the transitional government.

Omer is facing criminal charges under articles (13) and (14) of the Empowerment Removal Committee’s law, and cases related to corruption and the exploitation of influence.

"The former parliament speaker violated the law dissolving the National Congress Party, which prevents him from engaging in any political activity as a member of the (banned) party."

The Sudanese police on Saturday, also, arrested five foreigners, due to their participation in the protests that took place in the capital, Khartoum, on Friday.

Among them, Mahmoud Suleiman Al-Hasanat, a Palestinian from Gaza the preacher and Imam of the Sheikh Mohamed Abdel Karim Mosque on the 60th Street in Khartoum. Also, an Indonesian, and two Yemenis.

Last Friday, Sudanese Islamists demonstrated in Khartoum, after the weekly prayer, for the second week, to protest against new constitutional amendments that "violated Islamic traditions."

On July 9, the Sudanese government finally approved amendments to some articles of the Criminal Code, including granting non-Muslims the right to make and drink alcohol.

The amendments also abolished an article on the apostasy, according to which the abandoner of the Islamic religion is sentenced to death.


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