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Update on the Imperialist War Against Libya and Africa

Update on the war against Libya and Africa

September 28th
Posted: 2011/09/29
From: Mathaba

Roundup of news from and other independent sources along with commentary by Dennis South

Rats are rats

Wednesday, 28.09.2011 - 00:41

Sabha, Ghadames, Ghat, Taha, Murzuk and other towns and oases, are under the control of the Jamahiriya.

The Tuareg published a communique in which they confirmed their full support for the Jamahiriya. They also said that they would take revenge on the rebels for the atrocities committed against peaceful Libyans.

The rats are preparing a tank assault on Bani Walid. Bani Walid is still being fiercely bombed by NATO, the white 'west' European, Canadian and United States armed forces, at the command of the governments of those countries, while their populations remain silent. In general, the number of mercenaries is reduced.

In Sirte, mercenaries broke into the port at night and now await the landing of NATO troops. Fighters in Tripoli are awaiting reinforcements from Tarragon.

Tunisian authorities released Dr Mahmoudi El-Baghdadi, the General Secretary of the General People's Conference of the Libyan Jamahiriya, who was arrested in Tunis.

The Jamahiriya is in talks with several countries, who said the following: You are holding [doing very well]. If you capture Tripoli, we will recognize the Jamahiriya government again. However, this is like saying that if all of Australia is under the control of the Australian people, but Canberra is seized by Korean terrorists supporting a small council of Australian convicts escaped from prison calling themselves "TNC", then we recognize the TNC and not the Australian people's government.

Russia has demanded the immediate convening of the Security Council. There are discussions about the UN sending the blue helmets--the "peace-keeping" missions. Everywhere the the blue helmets have gone, they have left hell, including rape. This fact is reported even in the mainstream press. The blue helmets are merely the so-called international army of the global zionist and banker elites, as a back up reserve to NATO.

The rebels continue to struggle for power, so the planned announcement of the formation of a government (by the rat-NATO-rebels) has again been delayed. The rebels claim to have found a large amount of uranium which can be used for the development of nuclear weapons. This is the mess that the West has created in North Africa, in addition to lots of Libyan weapons that have found their way all over North Africa.

China in Africa

China is risking a further and much deeper backlash in Africa depending on the positions it takes, the Tuareg people are on the ascendency as indomitable Africans along with Muammar Qaddafi. China is increasingly indistinguishable from the west. The $15 billion assets held in China are key, if these are released to other than the Jamahiriya or not may be the determining factor on future Sino-African relations.

News from Sirte

Wednesday, 28.09.2011 - 01:52

Western Front: Rat commander Mohammed Katib Nabus was eliminated after he took the place of his brother Ibrahim, who was killed last week. Rebels are running to the east after having taken heavy losses.

Information Bureau of the Libyan

Wednesday, 28.09.2011 - 02:09

Green revolutionary patriotic forces have liberated the city of Zawiya with General Khamis al-Qaddafi. This is good news for the Libyan resistance and the heroic and courageous people of Libya. The Libyan resistance continues and gathers strength.

Our brave men in Ghat, which is located in the south of Libya, had fought with rats in a heavy battle today. Many rats were killed, and the rest fled to 20 km outside of the city.

Rebels beaten back by Jamahiriya fighters at Sirte

Wednesday, 28.09.2011 - 12:12

Rebels were again beaten back by Jamahiriya forces at Sirte. Only yesterday they were shouting about the alleged capture of the port. But today China Radio International echoed western media that "the rebels, at the request of NATO, have suspended their assault on Sirte." This follows a well established pattern, which has always translated to, "The rebels have been defeated again."

After the NATO bombing of the coast and the port from the sea, the rebels landed. In the port they started to get into the thick of battle. And after that, as NATO lost the ability to distinguish between the rebels (rats) and Jamahiriya (Qaddafi loyalist, green Libyan patriotic resistance) fighters, the rats in the port were attacked with dense mortar fire. They ran to the sea and drowned. The rebels had nowhere to run! So the probability of large losses among the rebels is high.

Also, China Radio reported (and this is verbatim): "At present, Sirte, Bani-Walid, and other territories are still under the control of the faithful Gaddafi's forces." Notice the words, "and other territories." Apparently, Chinese censorship prevents China Radio from describing precisely what "other territories" are under Jamahiriya control. So, their intelligence throws out hints. On the other hand, the reality is that it is hard to distinguish the Chinese media from western media, as the once-great Asian nation has become the new bastion of capitalism and a new body host to the zionist-banker parasitic elite, which started since the visit of Kissinger to China.

Wednesday, 28.09.2011 - 12:17

To understand the ferocity of the fighting in Sirte, from the perspective of the vicious north-western (white) countries, we must consider more than just the political point of view.

The Libyan Jamahiriya of Africa has offered a very, very unique response to the so-called "fall" of Tripoli, its capital--perhaps the most unique response in the history of warfare. Historically, the fall of the capital of a country had been so severe a shock that the government and people of that country would capitulate.

That did not happen in Libya because power does not rest in a traditional form of government in a capital city but is diffused and dispersed across millions of citizens who are members of the people's conferences which form the government in the self-ruling society of the masses (Jamahiriya). The defiant response of the Libyan people and the Libyan Jamahiriya to the "fall" of Tripoli (occupation by mercenaries and rats), obviously, as it continues to fight against imperialist aggression, is a drastic departure from the historical response of Third World nations to the fall of their capitals.

Why Sirte?

Sirte has been blessed to contain a very wide oil basin. Look at a geological map. Pools of oil are located at Beida, Raguba, Dahr Hofra, Baja, Def-Waha, Nasser, Sarir, Mesli, Gyalo, Boo Atifel, Intizar, Nafura-Ugila and Amal, 12 of which have proven oil reserves that range from 200-500 million barrels, to 1 billion barrels. The problem is that these deposits in terms of production are - as they call the oil - in adulthood. That is, the production is coming to the peak. This oil will soon run out, and there is the need for more exploration.

The second problem is that the war has brought the coalition countries and Western companies significant losses in oil revenue. Both directly and indirectly - for over six months, Europe has not received the Libyan oil and gas from Libya. This has all but crippled Italy along with the already bankruptcy of Europe as some of the capitalist countries there, in particular Britain, France and Spain, had run out of the vast resources they had plundered from Africa in the last century.

In addition, oil-production infrastructure is seriously damaged. So, the imperialist demons want to take the Sirte basin and develop it in order to compensate for their losses.

Certainly, while the war is being waged, there can be no exploration and investment. In Europe there is no money even after the war ends. It would take massive investment to restore oil production. The longer it takes for the imperialist-colonialist-racist Europeans and North Americans to capture Sirte, the more money it will take for them to restore the oil production. And that is one reason they are fighting hard to take Sirte: to avoid anticipated, post-war oil-production costs.

The West, in general, is actually indifferent to the issue of political stability in Libya. In fact, their plan is that instability (chaos) benefits them, their "security" companies, private armies (mercenaries) will benefit, and be able to grab whatever they want, out of the chaos. What is more important to the West is the capture of Sirte--and not because Sirte is the hometown of The Leader. It's all about oil and the central area of strategic military importance in order to secure the entire Libyan coast, the largest coast line on North Africa of any of the five North African states, to place it under the command of the white aggressors (AFRICOM-NATO).

The war is causing deep downtime as regards oil production, and the financial losses, for the West, associated with that downtime are immense. There is an added complexity for the evil nations of the north: the loyalty of the tribes to Muammar Gaddafi. Obviously, the tribes will continue to support Muammar.

And that is why Libyans [God forbid] might suffer the fate of Paraguay natives, that is, total genocide, or banishment into the wilderness. A hundred years ago, Libya lost half of its population, by putting up a fierce and continuous resistance to Italy's invasion of Libya.

The economic factor explains why many people have feared that the West would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons on Sirte. But there are very, very high costs involved in using nuclear weapons even to the Europeans, as Libya is near to Europe, and sometimes north African sand is blown all the way into distant European capitals. Costs associated with the decontamination of oil deposits that would be contaminated if nuclear weapons were used, are also a factor. Costs involved in re-building infrastructure are not a negative factor, as the Euro-American alliance (NATO) hopes that Libya will end up paying (with oil) for their companies to "re-construct" Libya after its devastation.

Updates from the front lines

Wednesday, 28.09.2011 - 14:02

1. Gadames: The Tuareg lions of the Sahara killed 50 rebels, and the rest of the rebels fled.

2. Sirte: In the battle of Sirte, on the Western front, one week after the death of Ibrahim al-Khatib al Halbusa, commander of the Misurata rebels known as the "black Khatib," his brother, Mohammed Al Halbus, was also killed by Jamahiriya fighters. Al-Halbus had come to replace his brother. These two deaths have lowered the morale of the rebels, which led to their demise around Sirte.

On the Sirte eastern front, some of the rebels, under the protection of NATO arial bombing and bombing from NATO ships, tried to penetrate and enter the city. The Libyan Jamahiriya Army allowed them (2 tanks, 12 vehicles and some others) to come close to the center, where they were trapped and met their deaths.

One rebel, a survivor, ran in front of a BBC camera and shouted: "Please enter the city, we are trapped and we do not have much strength." The response he received was that no one would attempt to enter the city because of the battle.

3. Bani-Walid: Sami Ali Al Tarragon, the Deputy Brigade Commander of the rebels of Tripoli, was killed yesterday and he was one of many rebels who met their deaths. Also, the traitor who wanted to help the rebels take Bani Walid was captured by the residents of the city.

4. Tripoli: In a night ambush, 14 rebels met their deaths. Our source said that the rebel checkpoints are empty, because no rebel wants to stand, waiting for death. Thus, Jamahiriya resistance were able to kill many rebel rats in the past week.

FIGHTING CONTINUES: Information from September 27-28

Wednesday, 28.09.2011 - 18:36

The tactics of groups under rebels at Sirte are very primitive. They come in pickups with 23-mm automatic anti-aircraft guns and 106-mm recoilless rifles. Then they try to identify firing points. Then rebels with small arms attempt to move forward. If the Jamahiriya defenders do not move away, then the rebels are rolled back. After a while they begin a new "assault."

If the rebels have tanks, then the tanks are used next. At the same time the make a radio call for NATO air support. NATO aircraft conduct strikes on buildings at the contact line between the rebels and the Jamahiriya forces. Both sides are using snipers.

When trapped by the Sirte resistance fighters of the Libyan Jamahiriya, the rebels have nowhere to retreat to, other than to the fish in the sea.

The second most important stronghold is Bani Walid, where there are thousands of Jamahiriya resistance fighters, including militias of the Warfala Tribe.

In recent days, the rebels did not take active steps against the defenders of the city. NATO aircraft continued to carry out air strikes on the civilian population.

In the southern desert oasis of Sabha the Libyan Jamahiriya fighters have had military success. The rebels entered from the south but failed to gain a foothold in the city, although many foreign news agencies were quick to announce a new success of TNC "rebels". After dozens of rebels were killed or wounded, and after their supplies were expended, the remaining rebels began to withdraw along the highway in a northerly direction.

The rebels cannot possibly sustain control of Tripoli. Experts say that to control a city of half a million people, you need up to seven thousand police officers. There are an estimated 2000 AL-Qaida type fighters in Tripoli. They are able to provide relative order in the embassy district and downtown areas. In the capital there are secret cells of Gaddafi and Jamahiriya supporters (green committees). They use tactics to split the rat forces, and are destroying them at every turn.

The TNC has established "war lords" in areas under their control, but those war lords do not obey instructions they receive from Benghazi and Tripoli. So the power of the TNC in the country is nominal--very small. The rebels are trying to coordinate their efforts, but that attempt is failing.

True, in Misurata was announced the merger of all forces and opponents of Gaddafi's with the creation of a "battalion of the United Libyan Revolution" ("Union of the revolutionary battalions of Libya"). About this there seemed to be agreement at a meeting of field commanders, who came from different areas.

The total number of armed groups that support the TNC, is estimated at about 20,000 fighters. During August-September, a very large number of them were either killed, wounded, or deserted. The morale in many of the rebel frontline detachments is deeply suppressed.

Rebel soldiers have not received a salary, and have been told to engage in "self-reliance." During the fighting in Sirte and Bani Walid they suffered heavy casualties, the wounded crowded the hospitals in Misurata and Benghazi, and there is not enough blood for transfusion.

For the rebels, it is apparent that the capture of Tripoli, as well as the falsely perceived change of power in the country, will not lead to positive changes in their lives. Some are beginning to regret participation in their so-called "revolution" and return to their homes with their weapons.

Dumb NATO Rebels, NATO Crimes In Libya

Wednesday, 28.09.2011 - 22:32

Sirte is fully under the Libyan Jamahariya democratic Government's control. Multiple attempts by rebel forces to enter the city from the East ended up in their devastating defeat. NATO has only been victorious in terrorizing the town, and killing thousands of civilians.

New reports exposed the truth regarding the Sirte assault, a failed assault which caused hundreds of NATO mercenaries to get entrapped within the town. Some rebel fighters who managed to flee the front lines went to their commanders and begged for support, because many had been trapped and are being killed as we speak. This was also reported, surprisingly, by western propaganda machines that usually hide the truth regarding NATO failures.

The Libyan Jamahariya government has expressed its willingness to forgive anyone who lays down their arms and goes home, just like the forces outside Bani Walid who laid down their arms and went home. They expressed their Islamic belief of forgiveness, but stated clearly that forgiveness does not mean that Libyans will forget.

All assaults from the west of Sirte have been quelled due to the brave and strong fighters of the Tarhuna tribe. NATO continues its assault from the East, but the rebels continue to retreat due to heavy losses.

Previously, NATO (European and American) mercenaries tried to flee Ghadames and set up a base in Tunisia. But fighting soon broke out between NATO-rebels and the Tunisian Defence Forces. The Tunisian Defence Forces forced the mercenaries back into Libya.

NATO forces were trying to flee towards the east of Ghadames to regroup. That is when the Libyan Defence Forces attacked their route and killed at least 50 and injured unknown numbers according to sources in southern Libya. Ghadames is an important town because it borders both Tunisia and Algeria. So it is an important town for guerilla warfare.

NATO Mercenaries (rats) were on the brink of quitting the fight in Sabha, after receiving heavy casualties when they fell into a trap. NATO decided to give 16 million dollars of stolen Libyan money as payment for the mercenaries to continue the fight.

Sabha is still liberated and under the control of the Libyan Jamahiriya. Green flags are flying throughout the town according to sources in Southern Libya. NATO mercenaries are still ducking outside the town under the umbrella of NATO.

They fight only for money and war bounties, as reported before. When NATO helps them enter a town, they steal women's jewellery, rape the women and children, and get drunk and high, shooting animals at random.

Rat death

Wednesday, 28.09.2011 - 23:26

A military officer of the TNC, Salehin, who commanded the attack on Bani Walid, was killed in a rocket attack, said a rebel commander named Osama al-Fasi.

Salehin was imprisoned by Gaddafi after the beginning of the rebel's counterrevolution and joined the rebels. In the last days of his life, he led the attack on Bani Walid -- another city that is under the authority of the Libyan Jamahiriya.

Rebel NATO-rat forces at Bani Walid have not attacked on the ground in a week after besieging the town for over a month. At the same time, NATO continues aerial attacks on targets that remain in the hands of supporters of Muammar Qaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya.

Meanwhile, according to eyewitnesses, Bani Walid is in a critical humanitarian situation. One can hardly find drinking water and foodstuffs, and the hospitals are out of medication and electricity, with NATO having deliberately starved and blockaded the population preventing fuel, water, and food from entering in what constitutes further Crimes Against Humanity.

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