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Will the African Union Sit Quietly If Libya Becomes the New Racist State in Africa?

Will African Union sit quietly if Libya becomes new racist nation in Africa?

Posted: 2011/09/19
From: Mathaba

If Africa is the "sleeping giant" that some have always claimed that it is, it's time for it to wake up--and fast.

By Dennis South

The sign reads: "Welcome to Libya! Home of anti-black Arab gangs who lynch black people and rape black women!" The UN General Assembly just gave Libya's seat to anti-black racists who lynched perhaps thousands of black Africans in Libya, over the last seven months.

Despite its claims to not accept the National Transitional Council, the African Union, in truth, is not lifting a single finger to prevent the establishment, on the African continent, of a new racist state that will be worse than the former, racist, South African state that Nelson Mandella, with the help of Colonel Gaddafi, Fidel Castro, and others, helped to liberate, if NATO and the NTC succeeds.

This is the defining moment for the African Union, which was founded by Colonel Gaddafi. This is the moment. What will it do? Will it continue to actually believe that African nations are weak? The African people are not weak. Libya is where the AU must take a stand--and if it doesn't know what the nature of that stand should be, then the African Union is as worthless as the United Nations.

I am sorry for this short article, but there really is nothing more that can be said. It appears that Colonel Gaddafi and the Libyan people are on their own. Let us all pray for them.

After Mandela and the ANC freed South Africa, we all thought that there could never again exist a racist state on the continent of Africa. If not for the strength of Colonel Gaddafi, and the Grace of Almighty God in preventing the success of the NTC racists, it appears that the African Union will, in time (maybe sooner than later) accept a racist nation on its soil, in the most strategic area of the continent--right on the Mediterranean Sea, where the white racists nations of the north will now easily be able to supply their new, fellow-racist nation on the continent of Africa with weapons that they will use to lead the charge for the re-colonization of Africa.

What will the African Union do, now that the northern countries are much closer to unfreezing Libya's funds, giving those funds to proven racists, and allowing those racists to become armed to the teeth, through purchasing war materials from the north.

What will the African Union do when the "new" Libyan racist government, armed to the teeth, marches across Africa, leading the way for the total colonization of that continent? What will the African Union do now? What will the African nation do when no black African will be able to live in Libya? Imagine that!! No black African will be able to live in Libya, a country on the African continent.

Will the African Union wait until those racists become armed to the teeth, with weapons sold to them by Britain, France, the United States, and who knows how many other nations? And if the African Union waits, then what does it expect it will be able to do?

Let me clarify that Muammar Gaddafi, the strong and caring man that he is, has actually asked African nations not to send their forces to help him. He has questioned, "How would you get across the desert." He has stated, with love in his heart and the desire to save lives, that African nations are too weak to help. He has stated that African nations must prepare themselves for their own battle--a battle that will be coming their way, according to Gaddafi.

I think that the African Union must ponder, for itself--despite Gaddafi's concerns--what its position must be. In my mind, this is perhaps the most crucial emergency that the African continent has faced. The northern countries are going broke. They are desperate. They intend to do all that they can to keep their wasteful "way of life" for the elite of their countries, while continuing to exploit and oppress everyone else, including their own citizens.

If Africa is the "sleeping giant" that some have always claimed that it is, well...I think it's time for it to wake up--and fast.

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