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Huge Explosion in Tripoli Port

Huge Explosion in Tripoli Port

NATO Crimes In Libya

Posted: 2011/09/25
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On the 22nd of September at least 70 innocent women and children killed inside a school in Sirte according to new reports. The families were using the school as a shelter, thinking North Atlantic Terror Organization wouldn't target it.

Let's take a moment of silence, and pray for these innocent souls who were killed, these crimes against humanity will never be forgotten. People say forgiveness is possible, no matter how heinous the crime, but it will never be forgotten, no matter how many corrupt mass media riles up to deny the terrorism committed by NATO.

NATO Mercenaries claimed that they will create a puppet government by last Sunday (18/sept/11), they miserably failed to create a puppet regime for multiple reasons:

1. NATO forces are like thieves turning against each other (division).
2. Almost all of Libya is under the Libyan Jamahariya Government's control.
3. Different NATO members are also divided, each wanting their own puppets to hold a key position.

These are the three problems which have to be solved.

NATO media slightly changed the tactic, this time claiming that many Southern Libyan towns have been occupied, some media even claim that Bani Walid and Sirte is the last two towns controlled by the Libyan Jamahariya Government, in a desperate attempt to solve problem number 2.

The irony is, even though they have created this false perception, on the ground, once again observers suggests that NATO will fail to create a puppet regime.

All the NATO propaganda hype that a puppet government will be announced by next week might turn in to a joke when the time comes, similar to last week. The Zero Hour is approaching, and they are panicking, they are not capable of forming a puppet regime by then, and NATO members might not be satisfied with the progress therefore could potentially vote against the continuation of the terror operations, due to their economic failures.

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim spoke with Reuters yesterday, he slammed the brutal mass murder of NATO over night. At least 151 innocent women and children were killed in Sirte, this is what they call saving civilian lives. The media has gone predominantly silent, for what ever reason, one thing is for sure, the media is fully complicit with these crimes against humanity, alongside UN and other world bodies.

Dr. Ibrahim also spoke about the irony of Monarch flag being raised in the UN compound, he said that Palestinians have been asking for a UN seat for 60 years, and still waiting, but a bunch of thugs who control not even 20% of the country, helped with foreign aggressors are given a seat. All UN credibility is mute.

Rape was just one of many brutal tools used by NATO mercenaries to silence Libyans, and force them in to submission. Many brutal cases emerged, but no organization condemned such atrocities, nor promised to hold NATO responsible for the atrocities.

Cases after cases of brutal and merciless rapes in the hands of NATO mercenaries came forward, but the media completely silent.

Instead the media with International organizations fabricated stories about the Libyan Government using rape as a weapon of war, which was quickly sent to rubbish as a fabricated lie.

The media has finally decided to show a glimpse of NATO terrorism in Libya, this video shows some of the victims of NATO mercenaries, rape was definitely one of the tools of oppression used by NATO.

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