Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nigerian Police Announce Arrest of Two Suspects in Kano Gang Rape of NYSC Woman

Waterloo for Kano rape gang

Wednesday, 28 September 2011 00:00 From Adamu Abuh, Kano News - Metro
Nigerian Guardian

Police seize two members of a gang of rapists, alleged armed robbers in police uniform

HE is only 18 years old, but there was no doubt whatsoever as to Abba Garba’s deep perversion.

That he was in police custody and his legs in chains did not seem to bother him as he recounted, with unmistakable relish, how he and members of his gang raped a member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

The girl had been posted to Durimi Secondary School, Bachirawa, within the Kano metropolis only to find the school deserted.

The Kano State chapter of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) was on strike on September 13 and teachers and pupils in Durimi Secondary School had stayed home.

The lady’s undoing was that there was no one else in the school to ask questions except Garba and his gang.

She wanted to see the principal but under the guise of assisting her, they led her into an empty room in the school, threatened her with a knife and one after the other, Garba, Nezifi Malam and Ali Wara took their turns on the unfortunate girl.

Narrating the incident when he and a member of his gang and suspected armed robbers were brought before before journalists at the Bompai Police Headquarters of the Kano State Police Command, Garba was still gloating as he admitted that he threatened their victim with a sharp knife to force her to succumb to their wish.

In Hausa language, he stated: “On that day, it was raining heavily when she came to the school and said she had been posted to the school and was looking for the office of the school principal. She was speaking a language I did not understand but I told her in Hausa that I could help her.

“She was so beautiful that I found her irresistible. When she agreed to follow me, I couldn’t imagine my luck on that day. I led her to an empty room within the school. There was nobody in the school that day because the teachers were on strike.

“When I led her to the room, I brought out my knife and threatened to stab her if she refused to cooperate. That was how I used her. Thereafter, two of my friends - Nezifi Malam and Ali Wara took their turns.

“The only person that was not lucky was Abubakar Suleiman, who was waiting to take his turn before we were arrested.”

The Kano Police Commissioner, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris disclosed that two of the suspected rapists, Ali Wara and Nezifi Malam were still at large.

Idris also paraded four suspected armed robbers, all in uniforms of the Police Mobile Unit.

They were alleged to have been terrorising people along the Zaria-Kano expressway.

Three motor vehicles were also intercepted alongside the suspects who, however, claimed that they were forced to put on the uniforms by the police.

One of them claimed he operated one of the intercepted vehicles for commercial purposes, while the other two claimed they were just cow thieves and not armed robbers as alleged.

The Kano Police boss also displayed five automatic pistols found in a Peugeot 406 intercepted by a police patrol team, adding that a suspect was being interrogated in connection with the seized weapons.

Idris also read the riot act to car dealers who connive with car snatchers to legitimise stolen vehicles with fake papers and sell them second-hand.

“We also want to advise car dealers to ensure that they have proper detailed identification of persons they sell their vehicles to so that such individual can easily be traced whenever such vehicle is used for crime or criminal activities.

Author of this article: From Adamu Abuh, Kano

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