Monday, September 26, 2011

Biopic on Winnie Mandela, Starring Jennifer Hudson, Coming to the United States

Winnie, biopic on Nelson Mandela's wife, coming to the United States.

By Dan Hevia, NY Movie Examiner

Winnie, the biopic about Nelson Mandela's wife, starring Academy Award Winner Jennifer Hudson and Academy Award Nominee Terrance Howard, seems to be heading to the United States. The official movie poster has been made available online.

The film chronicles follows her life from childhood and throughout Mandela's incarceration. The film, last seen at the Toronto International Film Festival, was debuted in South Africa earlier this year.

This film is on my "must see" list as Jennifer Hudson and Terrance Howard are amazing talents that are certain to do justice to their respective roles. While most people know the story of Nelson Mandela, his wife's story and struggle alongside him is nearly as compelling. It wouldn't be a surprise to see this film wind up on top or at least nominated for many awards when released. The only unfortunate news is that no date has been set for release. Be sure to check back here for that news when it becomes available.

New York movie goers can find showtimes and tickets to their local theater here and watch the film when it comes out at Showcase Cinema De Lux Ridge Hill.

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Carolyn Moon said...

I shall never forget Ms. Winnie Mandela and I wrote a post about her on my blog site some time ago. The Liberator Magazine also featured my article for I feel she's an unsung shero and her struggle and significant contributions to end apartheid have been minimized over the years. I truly hope the movie does justice to her and Mr. Mandela for she was not consulted during the conceptualization and script writing processes.