Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Do Not Fail Us, President Mugabe Tells Youth

Do not fail us, President tells youths

Tuesday, 30 April 2013 00:00
Takunda Maodza Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe Herald

President Mugabe has urged youths to safeguard the goals and gains of the liberation struggle as the country prepares for the harmonised elections set for this year.

Speaking to a delegation of Zimbabwe Congress of Students Unions (Zicosu) led by their University of Zimbabwe leader Mr Charles Munganasa who paid a courtesy call on him at Zanu-PF headquarters yesterday, President Mugabe said youths must follow the revolutionary footsteps of Zanu-PF.

“We stand for the youths of the country. If the country is not in our hands, we do not own it after liberating it,” he said.

President Mugabe reiterated that the country’s natural resources must be in the hands of indigenous people saying without them the new generation was doomed.

He said Zimbabweans are well educated and equipped to take charge of their destiny than to continue looking for support from former colonisers.

President Mugabe said the liberation struggle was not fought for political independence alone but also for economic freedom.

He said there were some who were slow in realising this important goal while others were cowards.

“You are the brave lot. You are the courageous lot. You are the front runners and do not fail us. If you fail us, you fail the nation because you are the young people we look forward to.

“I have said our sun is setting, yours is just rising, do not allow it to set at 12.30 in the afternoon.

“Follow the footsteps that we will have left behind. If you divert midzimu inokurovai,” he said.

Mr Munganasa assured President Mugabe that Zicosu was fully behind Zanu-PF, saying as youths they would safeguard the legacy of the liberation struggle.

“We want to guarantee you that as Zicosu we are ready to liberate the University of Zimbabwe. We believe it is still colonised.

“There are elements within the opposition who are trying to undermine the benefits of our struggle. As students we are ready to partner Zanu-PF to work in the name of patriotism and nationalism,” he said.

Mr Munganasa said Zicosu was made up of patriotic students unlike the Zimbabwe National Students Union which was associated with the MDC-T and was bent on reversing the gains of the liberation war.

He told President Mugabe that Zicosu was making significant inroads at the University of Zimbabwe judging by its performance during recent elections to choose faculty leaders.

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