Saturday, April 27, 2013

Venezuelan President Maduro Orders Arrest of Political Subversives

Maduro orders arrest of political subversives

Saturday, 27 April 2013 00:00

CARACAS — Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday ordered to arrest anyone involved in inciting violence or fomenting instability in post-election Venezuela.

Maduro issued the order in a statement televised by the State- run VTV following the arrest of an American documentary filmmaker Timothy Hallet Wednesday here in the Venezuelan capital for allegedly conspiring to destabilise the country.

The order, addressed to Interior and Justice Minister Miguel Rodriguez, specifically targets political rabble rousers appearing in a string of videos confiscated from Hallet.

Hallet was arrested at the Simon Bolivar International Airport, 25 kilometers north of Caracas, as he was trying to leave the country, the Attorney General’s Office announced Thursday.

Interior Minister Rodriguez alleged that Hallet was inciting political opponents to take part in violent street protests against the outcome of the April 14 presidential elections which saw Maduro beat his conservative rival. Clashes last week left eight people dead.

“We saw how this person could also infiltrate revolutionary groups to secure his protection, but he has close ties to extreme right-wing groups,” added Rodriguez, who showed several videos implicating Hallet.

Rodriguez said Hallet received economic resources from some foreign non-governmental organizations, which he transferred to the students and young members of right-wing parties to perform violent actions.

Rodriguez said 500 videos were seized from Hallet, as a proof of his engagement with destabilization plans against Maduro’s government.

— Xinhua.

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