Wednesday, August 30, 2017

DPRK Letter Sent to UNSC President
The DPRK permanent representative at the UN sent a letter to the UN Security Council on August 25.

The letter referred to the fact that the US commenced the US-south Korea Ulji Freedom Guardian 17 joint military exercises from 21 August, 2017 in flagrant disregard of growing concerns and oppositions from the international communities, exposing the provocative and aggressive nature of the drills.

It went on:

Waging such provocative and aggressive joint military exercises on the Korean peninsula which has already turned into a tinderbox is nothing short of a hysteric conduct to add fuel to the raging flames.

The current situation testifies to the fact that the danger of a nuclear war is created by the US that doggedly pursues its evil intention of occupying the DPRK by force and that the US is the harasser of peace.

Acknowledging that the US-south Korea joint military exercises constitute a grave threat to peace and security of the world as well as those of the Korean peninsula, the DPRK strongly requests the UNSC to discuss the issue of the joint military exercises as an emergency agenda item.

Should the UNSC ignore the request from the DPRK once again, it will become self-evident that the UNSC has ceased to remain as a body that assumes the primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security and  that it has been reduced into a marionette and a political instrument of the US.

Now that the US has blatantly manifested its hostile intention towards the DPRK by waging aggressive joint military exercises despite the repeated warnings from the latter against its reckless behaviour, the DPRK has every reason to respond with tough countermeasures as an exercise of its right to self-defense and the US shall be held totally accountable for catastrophic consequences to be entailed by it.


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