Thursday, August 31, 2017

Source of Headache of "World's Superpower"
US President Trump has become the source of headache at home and abroad.

Much upset by the DPRK's successful ICBM test-launches, Trump ran riot, talking about "fire and fury" unprecedented in the world. Senators from the Republican and Democratic parties of the US commented that it is like adding fuel to the aggravated situation, and demanded that the right to use military granted to Trump has to be constrained.

At least 60 members of the House of Representatives from the Democratic Party asserted that the "nuclear bag" should not be entrusted to him, as his remarks may invite the departed soul of a nuclear war.

Trump's self-justified way of thinking and abnormal demeanour have touched off discontent from Senators from the Republican Party, his political base. As a result, policies he had in mind were either ignored or delayed and some were declined to be reduced to a scrap of paper.

Trump issued executive orders every three days whose passage through Congress was not necessary.

The January executive order which banned the issuance of visas for entry into the US and the entry into the country by citizens from seven Muslim countries, including Syria and Iran, has led to large-scale demonstrations against it worldwide, to say nothing of in the US, and the filing of suit by human rights organizations, which forced the Seattle Federal Court to suspend the effectuation of the order.

Trump has been snubbed even by the Western countries as he revealed down to the bottom the American ferocity, lack of judgment and extreme recklessness.

German high-ranking politicians, including Chancellor Merkel, advised Trump to act with reason, making it clear that her country would never take part in any military action of the US targeting the DPRK.

Former Foreign Minister of Australia Gareth Evans said that Trump is the most unpopular and the least prepared president in the American history, who is challenging in terms of morality and ethics and low in psychological preparedness, adding he has led the administration prompted by his instinct and temporary impulse, not by knowledge or judgment and guided by circumstances, not by any policy.

Gallup, an American opinion poll body, issued the results of opinion poll the majority of respondents to which denounced Trump as the source of the biggest headache of the country.

Americans are bound to always have such an uneasy mentality as they serve such an ill-conducted president whose words do not match with acts.


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