Wednesday, August 23, 2017

To Develop Equestrian Technique
One of the conspicuous features in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea dynamically pushing ahead with the building of a civilized socialist power is that its people’s enthusiasm for equestrian activities is running higher and remarkable achievements are made in the development of equestrian skills.

These achievements embody the sincere efforts of the members of the Horse Riders Association of the DPRK.

The association, established four years previously, is committed to disseminating horse-riding skills among young and other people and encouraging them to take an active part in the activities while training excellent jockeys to demonstrate the honour of the country in international horse races.

Based in the Mirim Riding Club that is smartly furnished for equestrian activities, the association works effectively to disseminate equestrian techniques on a regular basis among the working people and youth.

The after-school equestrian course for youth and students, an annual event held by the association between April and October, makes a contribution to arousing the public interest in the equestrian activities and becomes the first step to training reserve jockeys.

As the tutors give earnest and scientific instructions in equestrian skills including elementary movements, horsemanship and distinctive features of horse-riding, many young people are qualified as horse-riders. And among those who are excellent are selected as reserves.

The association organizes after-school riding groups and trains the selected in a systematic way.

It plans to hold horse races involving the members of the association and amateurs every April and October from this year on, and it is enjoying much favour among the hopefuls.

Thanks to its energetic activities for the development of riding skills, the association is expanding its ranks of members and enthusiasts and thus producing excellent riders among them.

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