Wednesday, August 30, 2017

US and Vassal Forces Are Responsible for Escalating Tensions on Korean Peninsula
Jong Myong Chol, doctor of the Institute of International Studies of Korea, released an article, titled, "Blurred eyes of discerning truth will lead to injustice lording it over".

The author in the article dealt with the heated-up controversy in some parts of the world over the responsibility for the situation on the Korean peninsula turning worse.

He went on:

The US and its vassal forces stress that the DPRK is liable for the situation on the Korean peninsula inching close to a war phase.

Some big powers around Korea are asserting that both the DPRK and the US are to blame for the current aggravated situation on the peninsula.

But the DPRK is strong and firm in its stand that the responsibility for the current tense situation entirely rests with the US and its vassal forces.

Then, there arises a need to look with coolness into who is right and who is not.

To judge whether these statements are correct;

First, it is necessary to study the historical origin which led the Korean peninsula to the present tension.

The aggravation of the tension on the Korean peninsula, the world's biggest hotspot, started along with the demise of the Second World War and at the time when the US and a few other big powers divided this country into two.

The DPRK was neither a war criminal state nor a war defeated state like Germany and Japan.

But the US built an artificial wall called a military demarcation line along the 38th parallel at its will in violation of the Korean people's desire for a new society and new life, and occupied half of the land in an illegal way.

It fabricated a puppet regime with its hand-raised stooges and egged them on to military provocation against their fellow countrymen. It even ignited a war of aggression against the north and openly disclosed its intention to use A-bomb against the north.

In the postwar period, far from drawing a lesson from its big defeat in the war of aggression, the US introduced tens of thousands of aggression troops and thousands of nuclear weapons into south Korea and has since watched for an opportunity to invade the north.

Therefore, the US has been branded as the chief criminal that pushed the DPRK into having an access to nukes and a bellicose state which has constantly kept the situation on the Korean peninsula at a tense phase.

Second, it is imperative to have an insightful look into the present situation on the Korean peninsula with an objective and unbiased eye.

The US nuclear threat and blackmail targeting Pyongyang have lasted for decades.

Under such situation the Korean people could not but opt for building a nuclear force to defend themselves.

It was ultimately the US that forced the DPRK to take a resolute step of examining the proposal for an enveloping strike on Guam.

Despite the touch-and-go situation on the peninsula, the US began Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercises against the DPRK again together with the puppet military warmongers on August 21.

If the DPRK staged huge military exercises regardless of time just at the doorstep of the US with mobilization of nuclear strategic means, would the US remain with its arms folded.

Third, it is necessary to have a close look at the biased conduct observed on the international arena over the issue of the Korean peninsula on which the world attention is focused.

Seen on the international arena, including UN, are such happenings in which the US assertions that the DPRK makes a new "provocation" through nuclear test and missile launch and threatens regional security are just parroted as they are and public opinion is built over it and sanctions resolutions are hastily adopted pursuant to the assertion while the truth about the afore-mentioned historical origin which led to the tension on the peninsula and the truth about the present situation remain unseen.

Even some big neighbouring countries that used to maintain principle at the UN arena with their own view in the past now lie down flat before the US, frightened by its high-handed practices and bluffing.

History still remembers fresh what strenuous efforts they made to develop nuclear weapons and what a high price these countries paid, finding themselves unable to stand the US high-handed practices, pressure and contempt any more.

No wonder, there were mentioned such words that the cherished desire of "A-bomb, H-bomb and artificial satellite" has to be realized even though one's trousers are held mortgage and even just a half out of the country's population numbering hundreds of millions survive.

The DPRK extended full support and encouragement to the country when it was covering an arduous path beyond all descriptions under such a pressure of the West, including the US.

Those big neighbouring countries are now doggedly standing in the way of the DPRK in bolstering up its nuclear force for self-defence to cope with the US nuclear blackmail and threat. This reminds one of a saying which goes "Vows made in storms are forgotten in calms". They are even unhesitatingly joining in the US sanctions and pressure. Wherever can their face, conscience and good faith be found?

The unreasonable conducts of big neighbouring countries actively pursuing the US, while yielding to the UN and US high-handed practices by which they do not hesitate to cook up a criminal document of branding injustice as justice without objectivity and impartiality are quite enough to explain the situation on the Korean peninsula getting tenser and tenser.

Whoever with a clear sight capable of discerning the truth can easily judge who is responsible for the tense situation on the peninsula and will be able to discern correctness from falsity out of many assertions.

The US deplorable plight by which it is finding itself plunging into the pitfall it dug itself while getting recklessly keen on the moves for stifling the DPRK speaks volumes.

Should the US fail to draw a lesson from it and persist in reckless gambling, it will find itself getting deeper into the abyss of tragic end.

Those forces currying favour with the US should not regard it as the fate of the other.

The US and its vassal forces had better face up to the trend of the times and behave with discretion.


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