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Security for All Zimbabwe Presidential Hopefuls…Bulawayo Attack Act of Terror, Says VP Chiwenga
25 JUN, 2018 - 00:06
Security for all Zim presidential hopefuls…Byo attack act of terror, says VP Chiwenga
Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga (Retired) addresses zanu-pf supporters during a rally at Chibuku Stadium in Chitungwiza yesterday. — (Picture by John Manzongo)

Nyemudzai Kakore
Herald Correspondent

Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga (Retired) yesterday described as an act of terrorism the explosion that rocked White City Stadium in Bulawayo on Saturday soon after President Mnangagwa addressed a Zanu-PF rally and said the incident would not deter Zimbabwe from holding elections in a peaceful environment.

VP Chiwenga said the culprits would be brought to book by the police.

The VP also disclosed that security would be provided to all candidates in the forthcoming elections who felt that they are in danger.

Addressing thousands of Zanu-PF supporters at Chibuku Stadium in Chitungwiza, VP Chiwenga said debt collectors were becoming a nuisance in Chitungwiza and that they should stop harassing residents.

On elections, VP Chiwenga said; “Before l proceed, let me make it clear for l know we have got our friends from the Press, that nothing will stop the elections in Zimbabwe, nothing at all.

“Zimbabwe is going for a new trajectory, a Zimbabwe we want, a Zimbabwe which the people of Zimbabwe want. The harmonised elections, come 30th of July, will go ahead.

“That act of terrorism which happened in Bulawayo is nothing, it does not deter us. But if the colleagues running for harmonised elections on the 30th of July are afraid and scared, they will be given security. The police will hunt down the criminal or those criminals and they will be brought before the law,” he said.

“The act does not stop anything, so we must all continue to campaign peacefully because we want an election which is free, violence-free and credible. An election which the people of Zimbabwe will say ‘this is our election’ and these are the leaders whom we have elected, free of any influence.”

VP Chiwenga urged residents to pay for services they are being given and that debt collectors engaged by Chitungwiza Municipality should stop forthwith.

He blasted the MDC-T-led council for failure to develop Chitungwiza for 18 years.

VP Chiwenga called on the electorate in Chitungwiza to vote for Zanu-PF which had a comprehensive plan to improve service delivery.

“This dormitory town of Chitungwiza has grown over the years with no development in sight. For the past 18 years it has been under the control of the opposition characterised by poor service delivery and non-development. Garbage is not being collected, sewer pipes are bursting everyday and there is no running water,” he said.

“There should be a comprehensive plan to solve water, sewer reticulation as well as garbage collection that is functional. This is what this new dispensation is all about. Industries should be constructed here so that our youths and parents have jobs. The construction of Kunzvi Dam will solve all the water problems in most residential areas. Government is also in support of Chitungwiza’s vision of constructing Muda Dam.”

He called on the public to shun corruption.

“No one will develop our country or come to our aid if we don’t help ourselves as Zimbabweans. One thing which is required for every Zimbabwean is to shun corruption. We should unite, after all Zimbabwe is for all of us.”

VP Chiwenga added that people should heed what President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been saying to let bygones be bygones and move forward.

“After Operation Restore Legacy, President Mnangagwa said what has happened is now history, let go of the past. Let us move forward in rebuilding a new Zimbabwe,” he said.

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