Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Youth and Students Make Study Tour of Revolutionary Battle Sites in Mt Paektu
Youth and students from across the country made a study tour of the revolutionary battle sites in the area of Mt Paektu from June 10 to 24 to mark the 62nd anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Il's pioneering of the study tour of the revolutionary battle sites in the area of Mt Paektu.

They left Hyesan and arrived in Pochonbo, where they laid a floral basket and made a bow before the statue of President Kim Il Sung in military uniform of anti-Japanese guerrilla.

They went round the command post of the Battle of Pochonbo, the police sub-station, the subcounty office, the post office, etc.

They passed the Poso-ri Spring Site and the Junghung Tableland and then arrived in Samjiyon County on June 12, where they hardened their will to turn the DPRK into an invincible powerful socialist country in front of the statue of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

At the Samjiyon Grand Monument they went round the shore of Lake Samji, the torch tower, group sculptures of subsidiary themes, etc, being briefed on the successful conversion of the Samjiyon Revolutionary Battle Site into a base for education in the revolutionary traditions.

They toured the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station on June 15.

They made study tours of the Monument to the Victorious Battle of Musan Area, the Sinsadong Revolutionary Battle Site, Mupho Bivouac, etc. and then passed Sinmusong and Mudu Peak and climbed Mt Paektu on June 20.

On the top of Mt Paektu they vowed to invariably carry on the march started from Mt Paektu, following Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

At Kim Jong Il's birthplace in the Paektusan Secret Camp, they looked round the historical relics preserved at the old home.

They went round the Rimyongsu Revolutionary Site and Chongbong and Konchang bivouacs.

During the study tour they had such diverse political and cultural events as a meeting to hear impressions on the reminiscences of anti-Japanese guerrillas and a question-and-answer study contest and handed over aid materials to shock brigade members making innovations in sprucing up Samjiyon County and worked together with them.

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