Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Press Release From the Libyan National Popular Movement
February 25, 2018

The Executive Committee of the Libyan National Popular Movement is following the circumstances and context of the cowardly assassination attempt of the fighter Dr. Bashir Saleh Bashir, member of the Executive Committee of the Movement, and wishes to inform the public of the following:

Firstly:The medical condition of Dr. Bashir is still critical and has not passed the stage of danger and we all pray to Allah  to heal him quickly.

Secondly:We have confirmed that the cowardly assassination attempt is not for ordinary criminal reasons, but rather a terrorist assassination for non-criminal motives.

Thirdly:We call upon the authorities of the South African government to expedite their investigation and to identify the perpetrators and those behind them and bring them to justice.

Fourthly:We call upon the national forces in Libya and all African national organizations to stand in solidarity with Haj Bashir Saleh and his family in these difficult circumstances, and to hold the local government authorities responsible for their security and personal protection.

The Movement renews its pledge to the masses of the Libyan people to continue the struggle for the restoration of the homeland.

We further confirm that targeting our leaders with cowardly assassinations and intimidation will not deter us from carrying out our duty to the homeland.Freedom for the homeland and sovereignty for the people.
Naser Said                                     
Spokesperson The Libyan National Popular
Benghazi, 25.2.2018

Libya’s most trusted Gaddafi aide escapes assassination in South Africa

Libyan Express
Sunday 25 February 2018

One of the most prominent aides of the deceased Muamar Gaddafi, Bashir Saleh Bashir, has escaped an assassination attempt in South Africa, according to sources from his family and South African media.

Saleh was attacked by gunmen and was transferred to the hospital, his family reported on social media.

Other sources close to Bashir family indicated that gunmen shot him when he was nearby his residence before fleeing the scene, adding that he was transferred to the hospital after sustaining two gun wounds.

Saleh was the director of Gaddafi’s office and was considered his most important aide.

He was also in charge of managing Libya’s sovereign fund, which includes Libya’s overseas investments. He left his exile in Paris, France, about five years ago and went to South Africa.

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