Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Steadfast Will to Protect Peace
The international community is praising Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un for steering the situation on the Korean peninsula with steadfast will to protect peace and achieve the independent national reunification.

Recently, the Brazilian newspaper Tera and the Indonesian newspaper Jakarta Post, reporting Kim Jong Un's revolutionary activities, said that he called for stirring up the atmosphere for reconciliation and dialogue and gave an instruction to take practical steps for improvement of the north-south relations when the US and other countries hostile toward the DPRK pressed for "maximum pressure and sanctions".

ANI of India, Press TV Broadcasting of Iran, the Singaporean newspaper Straits Times, the Romanian newspaper Agerpres and other foreign media vied with each other to report his noble patriotic intention and wise guidance.

This is a high praise for the great guardian of independence and justice and a fair appreciation of the DPRK's consistent and principled, peace-loving stand.

To improve the north-south relations and ensure durable peace on the Korean peninsula is an urgent demand of the Korean nation and an indispensable prerequisite to national reunification.

The DPRK has always worked hard to this end and preserved peace and security on this land, smashing every reckless nuclear war move of the US with powerful war deterrence.

This year there opened a dramatic opportunity of turn for peace, stability and reunification of the Korean peninsula. This is a historic event attributable to the noble patriotism of the peerlessly great man and his will to achieve national reunification and protect peace.

The Supreme Leader in his New Year Address set forth the policy for a great turn in the north-south relations and took proactive steps for its implementation one after another, thus providing a turning phase for national reunification.

Now the international community is admiring the fact that the north-south relations entered the phase of reconciliation, unity and detente from unprecedented catastrophe, hoping that such atmosphere will last.

However, as seen in reality, the US and other outsiders responsible for the division of the Korean nation are displeased with the improvement of the inter-Korean relations, making desperate efforts to turn the peaceful atmosphere on the Korean peninsula back to confrontation and war.

No matter how desperately the separatist forces at home and abroad may try, they can never break the will of the Korean nation to advance along the road of reunification, peace and prosperity.

The DPRK will bravely overcome all the adversities of history by concerted efforts of the nation and struggle more vigorously for durable peace on the Korean peninsula and national reunification.


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