Tuesday, February 27, 2018

US Hit for Bringing Clouds of War to Hang Over Korean Peninsula
A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry issued the following press statement on February 25:

Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong Un affirmed his will in his New Year Address to make strenuous efforts to improve inter-Korean relations, create a peaceful environment on the Korean peninsula and ensure a successful holding of Phyongchang Winter Olympics.

Thanks to our supreme leadership's noble love for the nation and strong determination for peace, long-awaited inter-Korean dialogue and cooperation have been realized and the Olympics took place successfully by the inter-Korean collaboration.

However, on the eve of the closing of the Olympics, the US is running amok to bring another dark clouds of confrontation and war over the Korean peninsula by announcing enormous sanctions against the DPRK.

Trump announced new sanctions, the core of which is to completely block the DPRK's maritime trade with other countries, and he openly threatened us by making wild remarks that if the said sanctions do not work, "very rough phase 2" will be operated.

Trump group's attempt to threaten us by such sanctions and wild remarks only reveals its ignorance about us.

We came to possess nuclear weapons, the treasured sword of justice, in order to defend ourselves from such threats from the US.

As we have stated on numerous occasions, we will consider any type of blockade an act of war against us and, if the US has indeed the guts to confront us in "rough" manner, we will not necessarily take the trouble to stop it.

If the US ignores all of our sincere efforts for improving inter-Korean relations and preserving peace and stability on the Korean peninsula, as desired by the nation, and doggedly persists in provocation against us, we will have a tight grip on the US and deal with it with our own way of counteraction, no matter how rough and hysterical its moves are.

If the tension on the Korean peninsula escalates into a brink of war due to the US reckless actions, all the catastrophic consequences resulting therefrom will be borne by the US.


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