Tuesday, February 27, 2018

US Preparations for Cyber Attack on DPRK
A recent revelation puts it that the US has been secretly making preparations for mounting a large-scale cyber-attack on the DPRK before making a military attack.

The February 15th issue of the US magazine Foreign Policy disclosed that the Trump administration put all the intelligence agencies, including the CIA and the DIA, on a high alert to get them ready to launch a large-scale cyber attack as the first phase of practical military option toward the DPRK, while countering the nuclear and missile threats from it with "word bomb".

The magazine also disclosed that the US has pushed forward the preparations for the attack in top secrecy for the past six months in south Korea, Japan and other places, has already invested funds running at billions of US dollars and trained necessary experts, and that the US military intelligence analysts were accordingly put on standby to be followed by the posting of elite Korean peninsula experts to intelligence arms under the DIA.

CIA Director Pompeo and former and incumbent officials of the US bluffed that the US preparations for the cyber war targeting the Korean peninsula and the intelligence agencies' preparations for the operation have reached an unprecedented level of an all-out charge, adding that the first bullet will be shot by cyber.

Timed to coincide with this, the NBC, Blumberg News, The Washington Post and other US media have now become vociferous about "cyber terrorism" and "threats" from the DPRK.

This proves that the US war moves against the DPRK have reached the phase of practical implementation.

One of the means for the preemptive attack which the US values as much as the nuclear stick and dollars in realizing its hegemonic strategy is the cyber warfare.

The US has so far poured huge human and material resources on strengthening the cyber war capabilities since the 1990s, considering the cyber space as the fifth area for realizing its world domination after the land, sea, air and space.

In May 2010, it set up the Cyber Command and, in October 2012, issued the president's secret order to mount a preemptive attack on any country without advance warning, with the mobilization of all means for hacking attack.

It is not a secret that, under this plan, the US has introduced a great number of cyber warfare experts into various types of DPRK-targeted war drills, including Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint drills, and systematically conducted cyber attack drills against the DPRK.

It is an unpardonable terrorist act and a shameless war provocation for the US to spur the preparations for a large-scale cyber attack on the DPRK by mobilizing even the intelligence agencies.

For the US to get vociferous about "cyber terrorism" and "hacking" by someone is nothing but a shameless sophism aimed at covering up its despicable nature as a hacking empire and kingpin of cyber terrorism and justifying its moves for a war against the DPRK.

Amid the controversy about the resumption of the US-south Korea joint military exercises, nuclear war groups, including the nuclear carrier, have already taken their positions in and around south Korea, ready for advance. Under such situation the US plans to commence even a large-scale cyber attack. This proves that the curtain for the second Korean war has already been lifted.

The US had better judge what horrible consequences it can face in case it fires the first bullet by cyber.

The DPRK is fully ready to counter any war mode of the US as it has everything in hands and is ready for everything.

The US should not run amuck, properly understanding its rival.


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