Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Who Is Chieftain Posing "Threats"?
These days the Abe group of Japan is vociferous about "threats" to Japan from the DPRK.

Prime Minister Abe and Defense Minister Onodera at the House of Representatives said that hundreds of Rodong missiles with the whole land of Japan in the striking range have been deployed in the DPRK, stressing the need to introduce long-range missiles capable of removing "threats from north Korea" outside Japan under the principle of "exclusive defense".

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan insisted that it would distribute "guidelines to cope with crisis", containing the way of evacuation from ballistic missile launch of the DPRK and ways for connection with local self-government bodies, to schools across Japan to be used from March.

Meanwhile, the Abe group let Miura, a scholar on international politics, and other conservative experts spread rumour that an "assassination unit" of the DPRK may be hidden in Tokyo or Osaka and that big cities of Japan would be targets of such terrorism in case of a war between the DPRK and the US, while intensifying the suppression of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan.

They are making desperate efforts to create a terror-ridden atmosphere in the society of Japan under the pretence of "threats" from the DPRK. But it is a thinly-veiled trick.

The sordid intention of the Abe group, anti-DPRK confrontation fanatics, is to realize vile political purpose and ambition for reinvasion by actively spreading the rumour of "threats" from the DPRK.

It is just the Japanese reactionaries who displease the trend of reconciliation and peace on the Korean peninsula which had been in the brink of war. Because such trend would offer no justification and pretext for them to advance toward militarism so as to turn Japan into a "country able to conduct a war" of which it has dreamed since its defeat.

The Abe group felt urgency for spoiling the atmosphere for peace and driving security uneasiness to the extremes. That's why the false rumour about deployment of missiles with the whole land of Japan in the striking range and an "assassination unit" was badly needed for them.

They are seeking to train the younger generations into brutes occupied by hostility toward the DPRK and militarism by fanning up war-phobia even at schools.

The chieftain fostering unrest and terror in the society of Japan and posing threats to its proper is none other than the Abe group, and it is the Japanese people that are suffering the biggest damage from it.

The Japanese reactionaries sharpening the sword for reinvasion, far from making an apology for the thrice-cursed crimes against the Korean nation, are the sworn enemy of the Koreans and the root cause of misfortunes in the society of Japan and the foe to peace in Asia and the rest of the world.

Japan should stop such a foolish act of inviting disasters to it, clearly understanding the strategic position of the DPRK and the trend of the times.


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